I get motion sick very easily. Cruise ship. Park swing. If I move too fast, I can even get a little queasy unloading the dishwasher.

So a few years ago, when I flew on a small puddle-jumper plane from Shreveport to Houston during a thunderstorm, I didn’t stand a chance. Even though it was only about 45 minutes from wheels up to wheels down, it was a two-airbag flight. I “lost” everything.

The flight attendant could have opened the door and tossed me out and I would have been relieved. There were moments I didn’t think I was going to live through it. Other moments when I wished I wouldn’t. Of course, I did live through it, but not with grace or dignity.

3 R's for life's stormsHave you ever felt like you wouldn’t survive one of life’s storms? Has there been a time when a trial was so intense you wondered if you would make it through? Jesus clearly told us trials will come. We will have trouble in this world (John 16:33), but we can take heart, because Jesus is greater than the trouble!

When trials and troubles come – and they will – here are 3 R’s to help you weather the storm:

1. Reflect on God’s purposes – Trials in a believer’s life have purpose. God wants to use them to refine our faith, to transform us into the image of Christ. The trials themselves may cause grief, but we can rejoice in the truth that God will use them for our good and His glory! (See 1 Peter 1:6-7.)

2. Rest in God’s promises – The Bible is full of promises God makes to His children. Many of them are promises to help us, strengthen us, walk with us, and guide us in the midst of trouble. We can rely and rest on God’s promises because He is a promise keeper! (For more on God’s promises in trouble see this post and this post.)

3. Rejoice in God’s presence – God does not promise a life without trouble, but He does promise His presence in the midst of it. Even if we lose everything, we have God and that is more than enough (Psalm 23:4; Habakkuk 3:17-19).

Which of these R’s comforts you the most? Which one do you have the most trouble hanging onto? Why?




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