The tag on the jeans read, “The Perfect Fit!” So I tried them on. Ha! They might be the perfect fit for America’s Next Top Model, but certainly not for me.

Here’s my question for the fashion industry:

If every body is uniquely shaped, how can one cut of jeans be “The Perfect Fit?”

perfect fit, perfect jeansOkay, I admit they would be perfect for at least one person. But even the general public acknowledges that different body types exist. Some types are named after fruit. I would classify myself as a “pear.” (By the way, would any fruit actually be a good thing to look like?)

Most people would agree that “one-size-fits-all” simply makes no sense when it comes to denim. The jeans need to fit the size, shape, and curve of our bodies. Yet Christians often try to fill a place of service in the church that does not fit them.

Like that perfect pair of jeans, God has a perfect, designed-for-you spot in His body. There is a place of service and ministry in your church with your name on it. The length is just right. It won’t fall down, ride up, bind, or chafe.  How do we find it? These three steps will help!

1. Design – Consider how God designed you you have certain physical characteristics, life experiences, education, personality, natural talents, and abilities God gave you to equip you. Some things are obvious based on how God designed us.

2. Spiritual Gifts – When God saves us, the Holy Spirit takes up residence inside us. The Spirit gives each of us gifts to use to serve God and His church (Eph 4:7,11; 1 Cor 12:7,11). These gifts will match the place of service God has for you. Recognizing your gifts will help you find that place.

How do you determine your gift or gifts? You probably already have a good idea from past service. I’m not a big fan of spiritual gifts tests, but they can be part of the process but please do not view them as the final word. Here are a few suggestions to help you discover your gifts:

  • Become familiar with the gifts name in Scripture (Rom 12:6-8; 1 Cor 12; Eph 4)
  • Reflect on your past service. What areas have felt natural and exciting? When did you feel empowered by God’s Spirit?
  • Ask fellow believers for their input & confirmation

3. Passion – God gives us passion for the our areas of service. What do you love to do? What do you care deeply about? One word of caution. Personal passion tends to make us think everyone should jump on our bandwagon! Keep in mind that God has given them their own passion.

God has a perfect place of service for you that fits your design, your gifts, and your passion! When you find it it will feel even better than the perfect pair of jeans.You will find joy and contentment as you slip into His tailor-made design!

Are you struggling to find God’s place of service for you? What do you think is holding you back?


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