Now that Thanksgiving is down to leftovers in the fridge, I’m ready to move on to Christmas. I spent the weekend decorating the house, the mantle, the tree. And I started my Christmas gifts shopping.

Like you, I want to give meaningful gifts. Gifts that my loved ones will enjoy. Gifts they need or will help them in some area of their lives. And I will take all the great gift suggestions I can get.

Should “Deep Rooted” be on your Christmas Gifts List?

“Deep Rooted: Growing through the Gospel of Mark” is my newly released devotional book. And it may be just right for some on your Christmas list. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Nurtures a relationship with Jesus“Deep Rooted” is a 40-day journey with Jesus through the Gospel of Mark. Readers will experience the life and ministry of Jesus in a beautiful, daily time in God’s Word.
  2. Teaches a doable, Bible study method for every day use – “Deep Rooted” uses the 4 R Bible study method as a framework for the daily devotions. Readers can take the tools they learn from “Deep Rooted” – Read, Record, Reflect, & Respond – and use them with any other book of the Bible. This meaty devotional helps readers get in, delight in, and apply Scripture for themselves.

    “Kathy Howard’s new devotional book is more than simple readings. Deep Rooted teaches the reader how to dig in to scripture, think about it, understand it, and apply it to one’s life.” Janet Holm McHenry, author of 24 books including the bestselling PrayerWalk and the Bible studies Stronger Every Day and Training for Success

  3. Helps develop a regular habit of being in God’s Word – The 40-day format is a great start to a daily, lifelong habit of spending time in the Bible. Deep Rooted nurtures a delight in God’s Word that keeps readers rooted, growing, and coming back for more. (See “11 Tips for a Quality Quiet Time with God.”)

    Kathy Howard’s love for God’s word is a gift to us all.  “Deep-Rooted” takes us through the gospel of Mark in a format that keeps the reader wanting to come back for more. I loved this 40-day devotional and how it immersed me in the truth of the gospel! Debbie Alsdorf, Author of The Faith Dare, Deeper, and It’s Momplicated

  4. Easy way to give – You can order “Deep Rooted” from Amazon and have it send to your friends without ever leaving home. Doesn’t get much easier than that!
  5. Economical – At just $13.95, you can get “Deep Rooted” for all your Bible-loving friends and family members on your list!

A Couple More Book Suggestions

Two of my author friends have new books out too. Maybe one of these would be the perfect gift for someone on your Christmas list.

  • “10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make” – If there any single moms on your Christmas list, this practical, helpful book can help her parent her children with courage, confidence, and clarity. My friends Pam Farrel and Peggy Sue Wells will show her how!
  • “Fix-Her-Upper Christmas” – Need a little encouragement and laughs during this sometimes stressful time of the year, Rhonda Rhea and Beth Duewel will give you both!

What about you? Do you have some great Christmas gifts suggestions to share?

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