One ministry we engaged in during our recent mission trip to Moldova was home visitation and food distribution. We visited low-income, elderly people living in apartment buildings near Kishinev Bible Church.

One visit was especially memorable.  That particular morning I was the only American visiting with two of my new Moldovan friends, Sveta and Liuda. It was our last visit of the day, in fact, our last visit of the trip.

Liuda knocked on her door and explained why we were there. “Americans have come to visit and to bring you food.” The woman invited us into her apartment and led us into her small kitchen. She pointed to a bowl of hot cereal on the table and spoke to Sveta in Russian. Sveta translated, “This is all I have to eat. I have five children, but they can’t help me because they don’t have jobs.”

I was holding the bag of food and Sveta suggested I empty the items out onto the table. Flour, corn meal, oil, sugar, coffee, rice, and more, I began to place them on the table one by one. And the woman began to weep.  And so did we.

As she wept she said “thank you” over and over. Sharing physical food with this 87-year-old woman gave us the opportunity to share spiritual food with her as well. With Sveta translating I told her about Jesus, His salvation, and the truth that she could have assurance of eternal life with Him. Before we left her home, she prayed with Sveta to receive Christ as her Savior.

It’s never too late for someone to give her life to Jesus. Even a hungry, 87-year-old woman. I was privileged and blessed to witness that miracle that day.

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