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Are you content? Or do you feel unsettled, unhappy, frustrated, or anxious? You may even have everything you need, yet peace still eludes you. God’s children can find lasting contentment in Him. My friend Cathy Messecar knows how to be content in Christ. She shares her experiences and wisdom with us in her new book, A Still & Quiet Soul: Embracing Contentment. We have the privilege of talking to her today!

Cathy, why did you choose to write about contentment?

I noticed that people all around me – both young and old – seemed to be doing a lot of hand-wring, worrying, and complaining. (And we live in one of the most affluent nations in the world!) As I researched the topic, I found that little had been written for Christians along this line in the last two decades. Since God had taken me on a journey from everyday frustrations to a more complete trust in his care, I knew He could use me, my experiences, and my faith to help others find contentment. My road to contentment could remind others to watch for God’s activity in their lives. True contentment also attracts those who don’t have a relationship with God. When we are content, no matter the chaos or calm of our outward circumstances, God lives through us to draw others to him.

Cathy, I know your book is full of insight about learning to be content, but can you give us a few brief tips now?

  • Remember that Someone, more powerful and knowledgeable than we are – already had everything figured out long before our worries began. God is quite able to sooth and direct us as we learn contentment.
  • We can complicate our lives and bring frustrations upon ourselves through overbooked schedules and overstuffed stomachs and bulging houses. Look around you. What causes your anxiety? Can you do something about it?
  • Realize that we all suffer. You are not alone. Meditate on what motivates suffering and make your own list (there’s a list of eight in the book). Your list will help you recognize the source of suffering when it comes and you will be better able to face it with faith instead of fear.
  • Put away your wish-and-want list. Lean to wait patiently in all of life. It’s refreshing. Learn to live within your budget. What you have is enough. Every object you own from a button to a Brussels sprout to a boat requires you to shelve it, cook it, or insure it.
  • Invest your time in people. The rewards far outweigh owning things. You can’t put a price on the smile of a child or the last grip of your aging parent’s hand.


What is the best way to use your book? What can the reader expect?

Each chapter contains biblical examples and explanations, anecdotes, a praise and petition scripture, and eight questions. A Still and Quiet Soul also includes a personal story at the end of each chapter – twelve testimonies from ordinary Christians who struggled but found contentment. A Still and Quiet Soul: Embracing Contentment is perfect for individuals, Bible study groups, or book clubs.

I’m thrilled Cathy could visit with us today! Here’s a little more about her:

Cathy and her husband David live on 100 wooded acres north of Houston. The large trees and a creek muffle the noise of the outside world. They operate a trucking company to pay the bills. They also keep a few cows for fun! In addition to writing inspirational non-fiction, Cathy is a veteran newspaper columnist for Houston Community Newspapers, The Courier (over 500 columns).

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