Spiritual dryness, Flat FaithDo you prefer flats or high-heeled pumps? I love the look of high-heels, but I can’t wear them for very long before my feet start hurting. Then all I want to do is kick them off and step into some flats.

Flats or pumps are simply a matter of preference. We can choose to suit our style and comfort. Either kind of shoe is acceptable footwear. But we should never settle for “flat” faith.

Flat shoes? Fun and comfortable! Flat faith? Frustrating and discouraging! Is your faith “flat” or “pumped?”

What is flat faith?

The word flat can be defined as “without vitality or animation; lifeless; dull.”Many Christians with flat faith love Jesus and continue to serve Him, but they often feel as though they’re simply going through the motions of Christianity. Their love for Christ is short on passion. They serve largely out of a sense of duty or because that’s what they’ve always done. The routine of the Christian life may even feel superficial and directionless.

Although not an exhaustive list, here are ten signs that may indicate your faith needs some pumping up:

  1. Relationship with Christ is not deepening and growing.
  2. Religious activities overshadow your relationship with Christ.
  3. Life of faith feels boring, tired, or overwhelming.
  4. Feeling of disconnect from God; no real sense of His presence or voice.
  5. Little excitement over or awareness of God’s activity.
  6. Little or no anticipation that God will work.
  7. Praise and worship feels dry and forced.
  8. Nagging sense you should be experiencing more.
  9. Notice fiery faith in others’ lives that you desire.
  10. Efforts and activity produce few results of eternal value.

Countless Christians experience flat faith. Some have never experienced a vibrant faith characterized by real intimacy with Christ. Flat faith is all they’ve known. Others have lost the passion for Christ they once had and desperately long to find it again.

I fell in that first group. Raised in the church, I accepted Jesus when I was eight. But I spent the next 18 years desperately trying to feel vitally connected to God and find passion in my relationship with Jesus.  When I was finally desperate enough to open up and honestly share my struggle with a Christian friend, God put me on a path to a pumped up faith.

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Got Flat Faith? Get Fed Up!

Fed Up with Flat Faith by Kathy HowardDo you have flat faith? I didn’t have to settle and neither do you. In my new book “Fed Up with Flat Faith” I share 5 attitudes and 5 actions God used in my life to pump up and fire up my flat, dry faith.

Got flat faith? Get fed up and let God pump you up.

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