Do you desire to draw closer to God but not sure how? Do you have a spiritual thirst that longs to be quenched? The brand-new ebook, Savoring Living Water, can help you drink long and full from God’s spiritual well.

This recent release, by Jesus-lovers and popular bloggers LaraWilliams and Katie Orr, will help believers of all stages of spiritual maturity in our quest to draw closer to God.Williams and Orr’s book is short – just 67 pages- and easy to read, but it’s packed with helpful advice for a meaningful daily time with God.

Williamsand Orr challenge reader to spend quality time with God daily, but admit it can be difficult. They openly share their own struggles and successes with readers in a way that encourages us to keep moving toward Christ. They allow us to see inside their time with the Lord so we can more easily see how to develop our own time with God.

The authors understand how daily life tries to get in the way of our time with God. They say spending time with Him is a choice we must make every day. “We can pursue the things we see on this earth for fullness. Or we can drink of Him.”

Many Christians, a bit intimidated by the 66 books of the Bible, don’t know how to get started.Williamsand Orr encourage readers to have a plan and give us tips to establish one. They walk through steps like scheduling a time, picking a place and gathering materials. The authors also offer practical suggestions for overcoming distractions, setting goals, and memorizing Scripture.

In the book, the authors also teach readers their own method of studying the Bible. They observe three specific aspects of His Word: truths, promises, and commands. “When we know His truths, we can combat the enemy’s lies. As we stand on promises, we won’t easily slip when circumstances fail. When we understand His commands, we can obey and live the blessed life.”

Williamsand Orr highlight application of God’s Word to our lives, but they aren’t “preachy.” Instead, readers feel as though they want to walk with us. They don’t think they’ve “arrived,” they are simply inviting us to join them on their journey toward greater intimacy with God.

Savoring Living Water is beautiful, challenging, practical, encouraging, and helpful. I highly recommend you download your copy today.

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