Sarah, our second daughter, married Justin two weeks ago. Yes, there were a few tears. After all, my baby girl is all grown up. She has a husband and a home of her own. But joy and celebration filled the weekend, not sadness. (Just in case you’re interested, here’s a quick video!)

Sarah + Justin :: Coming Soon from CandleLight Films on Vimeo.

The Bride and her Parents

I heard several people ask my husband if it was hard to “give away” his daughter. His reply: “All her life I’ve been praying that God would provide a godly husband for Sarah and He has. We are thankful and excited about this new chapter in her life.” And I would add that we truly love Justin!

Sometimes the greatest of God’s blessings also brings change. A new son-in-law. A move to another city. A job change. An empty nest. I’m in the middle of all these things and more. I see God’s hand. I sense His activity. But leaving and changing and growing and stretching can still be painful.

God is faithful. He keeps His promises. He will finish the work He began in me. He will guide and strengthen and comfort and provide. My faith may be shaky at times, but the God in whom I place my faith is Rock-solid, unshakeable. In Him will I trust.


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