Carla McDougalThis post is a giveaway to celebrate the release of Carla McDougal’s new book “Sold Out: Live for Jesus.” Read below for how to enter!

Have you ever prayed the 911 prayer? It’s a regular prayer for my friend Carla McDougal.

Shortly before she was scheduled to speak at a women’s retreat, she felt a heavy oppression. Although she knew it was a spiritual attack from the enemy, she began to doubt her  reason for being at this women’s event.

Earlier that day, during her morning prayer time, she had opened her Bible to Psalm 91. The first verse seemed to jump off the page:

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1 NIV

Peace washed over Carla, and God’s Word strengthened her for the event that evening. The next day she shared this experience with a close friend who said, “Next time, text me to pray for you!”

Later in the day Carla went back to Psalm 91:1 and this is what she saw—­ 911. Her heart started pounding with excitement and she decided from then on, when oppression comes her way, she will text PRAY 911 to her prayer team. Sometimes there isn’t time to do anything more. But they don’t need to know why Carla needs prayer, they just need to know to pray.

Carla jumped up and started praising God. Even now, she smiles when she thinks of how God used that real life situation to teach her a spiritual life lesson.

Carla shares about 911 prayer  and much more in her new book “Sold Out: Live for Jesus.” “Sold Out” reflects Carla’s desire to live her life for Jesus and not for herself. When she was 40, she heard the phrase, “Life is not about me, but all about Him.” She took this to heart, and it became the focus for her life and ministry. Today she strives to reflect Paul’s words in Philippians 1:21:

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

SOLD OUT Cover2 RvCarla’s close, “sold out” relation with Jesus is evident even by reading through the Table of Contents of her third book, “Sold Out: Live for Jesus.” Titles such as “God Appoints: His Kingdom Puzzle,” “Forgiveness: Fresh Start, and The Word: Spiritual Nourishment” entice the reader to hear what she has to say on the subjects. The chapters are short, but the content is mighty. “Sold Out” is a wonderful devotional tool, with each section containing scriptures, personal anecdotes, a life challenge and a place to journal your thoughts.

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