I’m supposed to be working on a different post. But I just found out that tomorrow is National Ice Cream Day. So, I couldn’t resist writing a quick blog about ice cream and sharing a recipe.

ice cream freezerIn 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream month and the third Sunday as National Ice Cream Day. In the proclamation, the President called for all people of the United States to observe these events with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.” I’m in!

My childhood is laced with sweet memories of ice cream. Weekends at the lake watching my dad make ice cream with the old hand crank freezer. He let us “help” at the beginning before the cranking got too difficult. Mom making “sherbert” with Nehi Grape soda or crushing Butterfinger candy bars to dump in a batch of vanilla. My parents, brother, and I ate a lot of homemade ice cream while playing cards or dominoes on a Saturday afternoon.

Ice cream

Coconut Key-Lime Cookie Ice Cream

The ice cream tradition has carried over into my own family. We’ve had several electric freezers over the years, some better than others. But last year, Wayne bought a nice freezer from Bass Pro Shop. It has both an electric and hand crank options. When he brought it home, I started playing with recipes. I developed one for a contest at a women’s event at church and brought home first prize. I’m willing to share my recipe for Coconut and Key Lime Cookie Ice Cream.

Slow down. Enjoy your summer. Share this great tradition with your family. And may your ice cream celebrations be filling and fulfilling!

Share with us: What’s your favorite ice cream? What are your favorite ice cream memories?


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