terrorismEarly Sunday morning a man claiming allegiance to ISIS entered an Orlando nightclub with a gun. The terrorist killed 50 and wounded dozens more making this the deadliest act of terrorism on American soil since 911.

My immediate response to the news was shock, grief, and anger. Then questions. Lots of questions. How can a person be filled with so much hate and anger? Why can’t someone stop this? When will world leaders join forces to fight this?

And what in the world do I do with this? I feel so helpless.

So, I’ve been thinking about that. How should I – how should a Christian – respond in the wake of terrorism. Whether here in our country or around the world, how do we deal with it and what should we do?

I absolutely don’t have all the answers. Not even some of the answers. But God did bring a few key things to mind as I reflected on the questions. Maybe they will be some comfort or encouragement to you. And maybe you can share some insight here with the rest of us.

4 Responses to Terrorism

  1. Trust in God’s Character – No matter what the circumstances, no matter how bad things look, God is still sovereign. He still knows all, sees all, and is in control of all things. No, I still don’t understand why He doesn’t stop some things from happening. But I do choose to trust God’s truth rather than my emotions.
  2. Pray – The morning after the terrorist attack in Brussels I felt drawn to pray. But I wanted to get specific, I was tired of trite generalities. I asked God to help me know how to pray. He guided my prayer time that morning giving me specific things to pray for the victims and their families, the medical personnel, law enforcement, and even the terrorists themselves. Let’s pray and let’s be specific. (Download the PDF Prayer Guide.)
  3. Support – The victims and their families are hurting. The law enforcement community and medical personnel are overwhelmed. Let’s think about ways we can reach out to comfort and give practical aid. For instance, if we live in the area, we could take food to hospital waiting rooms.
  4. Act – We may not have the power to command troops or call international summits, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing we can do.
  • We can vote – if our elected officials are doing nothing, elect someone who will.
  • We can write – contact everyone and anyone who has the power to do something.
  • We can speak out – if you suspect something, tell someone. Do not remain silent.

I would love for you to share your thoughts, prayers, and feelings in the comments below. How can Christians respond to this kind of evil in the world?


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