Do you believe in miracles? How about at Christmas? Eight years ago, I witnessed a Christmas miracle.

It was December 24, 2004. Our family had moved to Houston just a few months earlier. It would be our first Christmas in the south after six years in the Canadian Rockies. To me, balmy south Texas did not feel much like Christmas.

Our new church had rented snow machines and excitedly announced there would be “snow” for the Christmas Eve service. But the promise of fake snow did not excite me. It only seemed to highlight the sad fact that we would not be enjoying the view of white-topped mountains from our window on Christmas morning.

snow covered moutains

Then the impossible happened. Middle of the afternoon on Christmas Eve snow began to fall across southeast Texas. And it continued off and on for 24 hours! I danced around in the backyard. Then my daughters and I rushed off to Starbucks because snowfalls are even better with lattes.

The National Weather Service deemed our Christmas snow to be “historic and rare.” South Texas had not had such a snowfall since 1895! Just south of us, Galveston Island received as much as 10 inches of snow and people built snowmen on the beach. I felt like God had worked a miracle just to encourage me. And all of southeast Texas got to benefit from it.

By definition, a miracle is an unusual occurrence that transcends the normal bounds God established for our physical world. He accomplishes these acts by His supernatural means to prove His power and authority. They confirm the working of His grace in our lives (Acts 14:3).

Although that Christmas Eve snowfall in southeast Texas was physically possible, it was indeed rare. In Scripture, we see God working to fulfill His purposes through both supernatural miracles and the manipulation of His natural laws. The way I see it, on Christmas Eve 2004 God manipulated nature into the “perfect storm” to bless His discouraged child.

Do you need a miracle right now? Between now and Christmas, we will be taking a closer look at the miracles of the first Christmas and consider how God could work in a similar way in your life today. When God’s supernatural power collides with your natural circumstances your life will never be the same!

What area of your life needs God’s miraculous work today? Do you believe in miracles?

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