Craft time was always my favorite part of Vacation Bible School. Milk carton bird houses. Popsicle stick picture frames. Tissue paper stained glass windows. I fashioned all these works of art and more. It took only a bit of creativity and a lot of Elmer’s Glue.

As I grew, so did my love for “crafts.” I tried everything from sand art to hooked rugs to cross-stitch. Unfortunately, I only finished half the first rug, but cross-stitching actually stuck well into my thirties. I made several things for our first home and even gifted quite a few “masterpieces.”

After all three kids came along I traded needlework for scrapbooking. Crafting and preserving precious memories was the perfect creative outlet for me! My scrapbooking fervor lasted until God called me to seminary. School and study replaced scrapbooking. Now I craft through writing.

Creation, creativity

God showed His beautiful creativity in the Plumbago

The compulsion to creatively express oneself is common to all humans. Art in its various forms crosses all cultures and languages. Wherever we find people we find artistic expression.

Humans are creative beings by nature because the Creator made us in His image (Genesis 1:26-27). When we create – when we freely demonstrate our artistic bent – we reflect the nature of God to the world. God’s divine stamp can be seen in our handiwork. And our God is definitely creative.   (Read the rest here)

This is only part of the post. You can read it in its entirety at This post is part of a series on creativity, “Igniting Your Creative Passions for His Glory.” Thank you Elizabeth Ann for allowing me to be your guest today!

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