I have a confession to make. Recently my morning “computer routine” has been cutting into my daily time with God. A few minutes to check email and Facebook before sitting down with my Bible and prayer journal turned into more than a few minutes.

Checking email led to responding to email. Checking Facebook messages led to taking my turn at Scrabble. You get the idea. And because I only have so much time at home before I have to head out from my day, my time with God got shorted.

I made a new commitment just two weeks ago. Time with God comes first. Since the computer is a temptation it doesn’t even get turned on until after. And you know what? My time with God has already grown longer and sweeter. And I anticipate our time together more. Long for it. It’s funny what God will do when I put Him first.

What about you? What are some things that keep you from having regular, quality, and quantity time with God? Let’s talk about it.

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