This week I’m sharing the most read posts of 2011. The following post also had the most comments of any post of 2011. Click here to read the original post (December 2, 2011) with all the comments.

There’s been a bit of debate in recent years about whether or not churches should have separate  programs just for women. In fact, many churches have discontinued their women’s ministries. Some say it’s a financial decision. Others say that churches simply don’t need it.

I’ve been in women’s ministry leadership for many years. I’ve seen God do amazing things through women’s Bible studies, women’s outreach events, women’s mentoring programs, women’s retreats, and more. Through my experience I’ve learned several things about women and I could tell you story after story to illustrate them:

  • Women are usually more open to discussing spiritual things than men.
  • Women are more willing to be vulnerable and open to new relationships.
  • If we can reach the woman, we can very often reach her entire family.

I’d love to get a dialogue going about our need for women’s ministry and what we can do to best reach women in our community. Here are a few online articles I’ve come across recently that make great fuel for our discussion.

  • Women’s ministry has incredible potential to impact the women of your church and community. Great thoughts in this article: “What Women’s Ministry Can Be.”
  • We need women’s ministry now more than ever. According to a recent study, the percentage of women attending and leading in churches has declined. According to this article in Christianity Today we must be training Christian women to reach out to other women: “The Newest US Mission Field: Women”
  • This author emphasizes that women’s ministry should not be another social club. We need to help women find Jesus, deep community, and spiritual growth: “Why We Don’t Need Women’s Ministry”

So let’s talk! You may be a ministry leader, volunteer, or participant. I’d love to know what you think about this topic. I’d also like to hear about what your church is doing.

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