My son recently witnessed a sad, but unnecessary event. While hitting baseballs with friends at a local park, Mark heard a cry for help. A woman and her three young children were huddled around a bulldog that was struggling to breathe.

Bulldogs are very susceptible to heat stroke. Breeders warn owners to be very cautious, particularly in the south. This particular West Texas afternoon was hot, over 90 degrees. But the mom thought the dog needed exercise and disregarded her husband’s warnings about the same thing.

Mark turned the dog on its side hoping it would cough up the fluid that had accumulated in its throat. But his efforts were just too late. The bulldog died while they all watched helplessly.

The woman called her husband and he came to get the dog. Mark helped him load the body into his SUV. And they left – a sad family and an angry husband.

The husband told the wife not to walk the dog, particularly in the heat. The wife disregarded her husband’s direction and took the dog for a walk in the heat of the day. The dog died of heat stroke. Although the wife acted with good intentions – exercise and enjoyment for the dog and her children – she was wrong and there were consequences.

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