trebuchetMy son Mark is building a giant trebuchet for his physics class. I had no idea what this was until he started this project. Let me correct that. I had seen these things in movies but I didn’t know what it was called. Now I know: A trebuchet is a medieval war machine with a sling for hurling large stones.

Mark’s done an amazing job. He’s been working on it for weeks. It’s about 8 feet high, built out of lumber. He’s been cutting angels, adding counter weight, making the sling. The thing is on heavy-duty wheels so it can be moved around. It looks scary.

Yesterday was his first test run. (We’ve been collecting plastic jugs so he can fill them with water and use them as “ammo.”) So, Mark loaded the trebuchet into the back of his pick-up and headed out to an empty field to fling some Minute Maid orange juice jugs.

Well, the jugs didn’t make it very far. He’s got some “tweaking” to do. But I have no doubt he will soon be shooting 2% milk to the next county.

Mark’s trebuchet reminds me of a certain Scripture. Psalm 103:12 says God has removed our sins from us as far as the east is from the west.  That’s what happens when we trust in Christ’s death on the cross to pay the penalty our sins deserve.  Like a giant spiritual trebuchet God takes our sins and flings them to the far reaches, never to return.

Do you have some sins you need to let God fling away? Has He already done it but you keep remembering them? God’s forgiveness does not need “tweaking.” Trust in His forgiveness!

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