It seems like every day we are seeing more devastating flooding or another Tsunami threat on the news. Floods and tsunamis both devastate and destroy. They both bring hurt and pain and loss. Our life’s troubles can be either like flood waters or tsunamis.

When the daily stresses of life overwhelm us our troubles resemble flood waters. The everyday struggles of life continue to build-up until we feel like we’re drowning in a flood. First the ground is squishy, then our feet are a little wet. Soon it’s up to our knees. Then, like the floods we see on TV, we are walking through waist-deep water with bundles on our heads.

If something doesn’t change we end up treading water. Inch by inch, a little drizzle here and a little mist there the water continues to rise until we’re in over our heads. Have you ever experienced days or seasons like that?


Other times, when life is going along smoothly, we are blind-sided by an enormous trial. These kinds of troubles are like a tsunami! A tsunami is an unusually large sea wave produced by a seaquake or undersea volcanic eruption. One minute the sea is calm and the next minute a huge, powerful wave is rushing across the dry land leaving a wake of destruction.

Have you ever been hit by a tsunami of trouble? Have you ever been completely knocked off your feet by something big?


I have experienced both over the years, but I’ve found the slow rise of flood waters sometimes harder to deal with than the fast, overwhelming deluge of the tsunami. Why? I think I can handle each little thing myself so I don’t rely on God. I fail to turn to Him for help until all those little things build up into one gigantic mess.

Whether you are currently dealing with a tsunami of trouble or the slowly building flood waters of life your source of relief is the same. God is our “ever-present help in times of trouble” (Ps 46:1). He does not promise to protect us from all of life’s trouble, but He does promise to deliver us through each and every one. Here are 12 Scripture promises for 12 kinds of trouble:

  1. Trouble – Psalm 46:1-7
  2. Need – Matthew 6:25-33
  3. Loneliness – Romans 8:39
  4. Illness – Ps 139:13-16
  5. Fear – Ps 34:1-7
  6. Broken Relationships – Heb 12:14
  7. Uncertainty – Ephesians 3:16-21
  8. Weariness – Matthew 11:8-30
  9. Worry – Second Peter 5:7-11
  10. Temptation – 2 Peter 1:3-4
  11. Grief – Rev 21:1-4
  12. Discontentment – Matt 6:19-20


What are you facing today? How can God’s promises give you strength and comfort?

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