Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study

Fruit of the Spirit, GalatiansGod intends for us, His children, to bear fruit. According to Jesus, when we follow Him closely our lives will produce “much” fruit (John 15:5). Is your life producing an abundant harvest or are you in serious need of some spiritual fertilizer? Whether we need some major pruning or just a little shaping up, all of us could benefit from studying and applying what God’s Word says about the fruit of the Spirit.

This summer – or anytime! – you’re invited to join me for a slow and easy walk through Galatians 5:16-25. The summer months can be busy with vacations, family visits, and time away from work, but don’t take a holiday from God’s Word. This study is designed to fit into the summer flow – less reading, small chunks, slow pace.

Below are links to each individual lesson for easy access. Each lesson includes a Word Doc and PDF to download and print:

Introduction: You’re invited to Plant, Cultivate, & Grow

Lesson One: The Proper Climate

Lesson Two: What is “Fruit?”

Lesson Three: The Battle

Lesson Four: Throw Out the Bad Fruit

Lesson Five: The Walking Dead

Lesson Six: Beautiful, Bountiful Harvest

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