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New Start 15

New Start 15 was a 3-week emphasis on holiness in January 2015. Every weekday during New Start 15, one or more of the New Start 15 Contributors wrote about that day’s Scripture from the New Start 15 Bible Reading Plan. You can still access these posts through the New Start 15 Blog Schedule below and learn about how to answer God’s call to holiness. These posts corresponded to the Bible Reading Plan . You can still download and use that plan anytime!

DATE                                     SCRIPTURE                           BLOGGER

Introduction Posts                

Invitation to join in

Kathy Howard

Julie Sanders

Cynthia Hopkins

Dawn Wilson

Week One: The Benefits of Holiness

Monday, January 5                Psalm 15:1-6                         Angela Mackey

also….                                                                                   Heather Riggleman

also…                                                                                        Kathy Howard

also…                                                                                      Julie Sanders

Tuesday, January 6                  2 Timothy 2:20-26                 Kathy Howard

Wednesday, January 7                1 Peter 2:9-12                       Christen Price

Thursday, January 8                    2 Peter 3:10-18                    Lori Moody

Friday, January 9                     Ephesians 5:1-17                  Heather Riggleman

Week One Summary

Week Two: Hearing God’s Call to Holiness

Monday, January 12                   1 Peter 1:13-25                    Kathy Howard

also…….                                                                                   Lori Wildenberg

also…                                                                                            Carla McDougal

also….                                                                                         Julie Sanders

Tuesday, January 13                     1 Timothy 4:7-16                  Lindsey Bell

Wednesday, January 14          Romans 6:1-14                      Kimberly Sowell

also…                                                                                        Lori Wildenberg

Thursday, January 15       1 Thess 4:1-8 ; Eph 4:25-32          Julie Sanders

Friday, January 16                2 Peter 1:3-11                             Angela Mackey

also…                                                                                           Kathy Howard

Week Two Summary  

Week Three: Practical Holiness for Daily Life

Monday, January 19                 James 4:1-10                         Dawn Wilson

also…                                                                                             Julie Sanders

also…                                                                                            Kathy Howard

Tuesday, January 20            Rom 12:1-2; Eph 4:17-24         Carla McDougal

also…                                                                                           Lindsey Bell

Wednesday, January 21       Colossians 3:1-17                  Cynthia Hopkins

also…                                                                                         Kathy Howard

Thursday, January 22          Romans 8:1-17                      Kimberly Sowell

also…                                                                                          Kathy Howard

also…                                                                                         Julie Sanders

also…                                                                                         Dawn Wilson

Friday, January 23                Galatians 5:13-26                 Julie Sanders

Monday, January 26             WRAP UP!                              Kathy Howard

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