About six weeks ago I planted two fruit trees – one lemon and one lime. I carefully placed them in large pots on the patio using the soil recommended by the nursery for citrus trees. Both received the same amount of sun and water. Both bloomed. Both had numerous visits from bees and butterflies.

The two trees have had the same care and nurturing, but the fruit production has been drastically different. The lemons seem to be growing overnight. The flexible young tree branches curve down under their weight. My husband and I anticipate large slices of the tangy fruit for our iced tea later in the summer.

bear fruit, fruit of the spirit

In contrast, the limes look pitiful. When the blooms faded, tiny little fruit balls emerged, but only two or three have grown much. Many have turned brown and dropped off. God intended for both trees to grow fruit, but only one is fulfilling its purpose.

Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit, Galatians 5, Bible studyGod also intends for us, His children, to bear fruit. According to Jesus, when we follow Him closely our lives will produce “much” fruit (John 15:5). Is your life producing an abundant harvest or are you in serious need of some spiritual fertilizer? Whether we need some major pruning or just a little shaping up, all of us could benefit from studying and applying what God’s Word says about the fruit of the Spirit.

You’re invited to join me this summer for a slow and easy walk through Galatians 5:16-25. The summer months can be busy with vacations, family visits, and time away from work, but don’t take a holiday from God’s Word. This study is designed to fit into the summer flow – less reading, small chunks, slow pace.

Study of Galatians 6:16-26

Here are a few things we’ll learn in Fruit of the Spirit: Plant, Cultivate, Grow

  • What are the characteristics of a “fruitless” life?
  • What does it mean to “live by the Spirit?”
  • Just what is “fruit” anyway?
  • Am I “fruity?”
  • What should the fruit of the Spirit look like in my life?
  • How can I improve my harvest?

Every Thursday for the next couple of months, I will post the weekly lesson right here on my blog. Each week as we study together we will Plant God’s truth in our hearts, Cultivate our own lives to receive that truth, and take action to help it Grow!

You’re invited to study with me!

Are you in? Will you join me for Fruit of the Spirit: Plant, Cultivate, and Grow?

Let me hear from you! Will you join me and from where will you be joining in? Where do you usually do your Bible study? Have you studied the fruit of the Spirit before?

Note: All six lessons of “Fruit of the Spirit” have been compiled into one PDF file you can download for your use!

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