I want to share an exciting opportunity with you. It’s a conference I hope to go to. I know and love many of the women on the MOM Initiative Team that’s planning and sponsoring this conference. They’re the real deal and have a boat load of wisdom between them.

Better Together ConferenceIf you’re a mother, grandmother, mentor, or women’s ministry leader, please check this out. Sometimes we need to step away from things to refuel and be refreshed. Sometimes, we need to get our batteries recharged and gain a fresh perspective that will fire us up to keep on keepin’ on!

SOMETIMES…we just need a weekend to laugh together, cry together, and discover you’re not alone in your journey. BETTER TOGETHER is a weekend to connect with women just like you….moms, wives, single moms, moms in blended families, divorced moms, moms of teens, moms of toddlers, grandmas and ministry leaders.

BETTER TOGETHER, is a conference by The M.O.M. Initiative for women of ALL ages and in ALL seasons. It’s coming to the Southeast for MOMS, MENTORS, and MINISTRY LEADERS!

Powerful keynotes from moms and ministry leaders will highlight the BETTER TOGETHER conference. Plus, over 40 breakout sessions will be taught by experienced leaders, including a wide range of topics such as:

  • When Motherhood Should Come with a Training Manual
  • You Can’t Be 1/2 a Mom (for moms in blended families)
  • Social Media Wise Parents
  • Bully Proof
  • Balancing Life and Ministry
  • Fight for Your Family
  • The Making of a Mom
  • Lord, Help My Marriage
  • Building a Top Notch Team
  • Reaching the Hard to Reach Child

You’ll experience an amazing time of worship with The Journey Worship Band. You’ll learn, you’ll share, you’ll grow in Christ… as a mother… as a mentor… and as a ministry leader.

Expect to have fun, meet other moms, find hope and encouragement, and laugh…a lot!

  • Great worship with the live band
  • Lots of giveaways!
  • Late Night Bash with the M.O.M.s on Friday night!
  • Lots of opportunities to shop in the Exhibit Hall!
  • 15 Minute M.O.M. appointments where you can meet a M.O.M. and chat about what’s on your heart
  • Lots of breakout sessions (over 40) to help you in your mom journey, your mentor journey or your ministry journey!
  • Panel Talk on Saturday with some of YOUR questions answered by the M.O.M. team!

Here’s the details:

You’ll be empowered, encouraged, refreshed and refueled…ready to fulfill your God-given calling with the confidence of knowing you don’t have to take your mom journey alone.

Don’t miss THE Southeast’s MOM conference of the year, BETTER TOGETHER by The M.O.M. Initiative…      Because we are ALL better together!

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