God’s miraculous activity sometimes makes our lives more difficult.

Mary and JesusWe humans tend to like things easy. If given the choice between an average life without difficulties and an exceptional life filled with challenges, many of us will take the smooth road.

The young Jewish girl Mary probably dreamed about the happy life she would have with Joseph. Mary would have been content to be the wife of a carpenter, raise a passel of kids, and enjoy good standing in their small community.

But God’s plan for Mary was just a wee bit different.

God’s plan included pregnancy “out of wedlock” – with a baby that was not her betrothed’s. Mary would be the object of scandal and gossip. She would give birth in an isolated spot. Her son would also be an object of scandal and gossip.

But all that of would be easy compared to the really hard thing. Mary would witness her son’s execution. She would stand at the foot of a Roman cross and watch Him die for the sins of the world.

Miraculous? Yes. Easy? Hardly.

When Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her about God’s plan, she knew it would be difficult. Yet Mary submitted herself fully to God and His will.

“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May it be to me as you have said.” Luke 1:38

Mary could not see the road ahead. But she trusted the One who could. She willingly laid down her own dreams to embrace God’s plan for her. The way would be hard, but God worked through Mary’s life to bring about His plan of salvation for the world.

Although God chose to take Mary through difficulty, He provided what she needed in the midst of it. He gave her strength and encouragement through her relative Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-45). He also gave her a husband who was also willing to submit fully to God’s plan for them (Matthew 1:18-25).

God may choose to do something supernatural in our life that causes an uproar. Sometimes His work in our lives may not always be easy, but it will always be good. His plan will be far greater than anything we could dream up for ourselves. And He will always provide what we need to walk His path.

Has God’s miraculous activity in your life ever been difficult? What “hard miracle” is God working in your life right now?

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