Many of the tombstones dated back to the late 1800’s. Some we could read, but many others we could not. Time and the elements have erased the letters from the stone. Names, long ago engraved to be remembered, now forgotten.

Curious about the old headstones, my husband, son, and I respectfully strolled through New Hope Cemetery. Generations of my husband’s family are buried in this small country graveyard north of Ruston, Louisiana. Whenever we travel that way, we usually stop and put fresh flowers on my mother-in-law’s grave.

During our visit just last week, we also wandered through the oldest section of the cemetery. Some of the names, dates, and inscriptions were easier to read than others. Loving family members had deepened the engraving by hand on a couple of the markers. Others were cracked and chipped. Some had large chunks missing. And a few graves only had stubs of stone left where ornate headstones once stood.

One marker stood worn, but whole. The stone was intact but time had completely obliterated the engraving. The thought hit me that no one who looked at this headstone would know the name of the person buried here. Gone and forgotten. No one knows her name.

But then the Holy Spirit reminded me of a glorious truth. If this person was a believer in Jesus Christ, God knows her name. It will never be forgotten. And the same is true for every believer.

Our Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ, knows each of His sheep by name (John 10:3). God promises to never forget the name of His people. He has even engraved our names on the palm of His hand (Isaiah 49:15-16). And no one can ever snatch us out of God’s hand (John 10:28).

Do you feel forgotten today? Do you feel like a nameless face in a crowd? Believer, God knows your name. He has engraved it on His palm – and His heart. He lovingly holds you in His hand and no one can take you away from Him.

How can these beautiful truths impact your life today?

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