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A new year is always a great time to make a fresh commitment to read your Bible and grow in your faith. No matter how committed we are, the possibility of success is always greater if we have a plan and encouragement to keep going. That’s why I developed a new Bible reading plan for 2020 and will be using it with a group of friends. And you are invited to join us!

Details about the 2020 Bible Reading Plan

Honestly, there are no “one-size-fits-all” Bible reading plans. For instance, if you have not been reading the Bible with consistency in the past, you’ll want to start with just a few minutes a day. But if you’ve been reading your Bible almost daily for years, you may be ready to read the Bible through in a year! So this new Bible Reading Plan for 2020 may not be the best plan for you. However, I have developed this plan in a way to create as much opportunity for success as possible!

  • Five readings per week – this gives us two days per week to catch up if we miss a day. We all have days where we simply can’t get it done. And if you have a fabulous week and don’t miss a day, you can use the extra two days to read in the Psalms or Proverbs!
  • Book by book – This plan works through entire Bible books, alternating between the New Testament and the Old Testament. Reading whole books gives us a better overall understanding of these books. By the end of 2020, we will have read 17 Bible books. This layout also gives us an opportunity to jump back in when a new book begins if we’ve fallen way behind.
  • Increase our knowledge of God’s Word – I’ve included some of the “less read” Bible books in the plan. But don’t be apprehensive, every bit of God’s Word is helpful for growing our faith and deepening our intimacy with God!
  • Opportunity for accountability – I lead a Facebook group called “Reading the Bible Together.” Each day I post the daily reading and some questions to help you get the most out of your reading. I will also post introductions before we begin new books. I would love for you to join!

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More about the Facebook Group Mentioned Above

The “Reading the Bible Together” Facebook group is a place of encouragement and enrichment. I post the daily readings each morning at 5:30am along with a few questions to help you get more from your reading. I will also be posting an intro to each book we begin and depending on the content of the daily reading, I may post a little commentary. We also encourage discussion! Some group members comment and some don’t – either is fine! This group is just for women to make it easier for us to share.  Join here!

More Discipleship Resources You May Find Helpful

There are lots of free tools and resources on this website to encourage you in faith journey. They include multiple Bible Reading Plans, Scripture Memory tools, prayer helps, online Bible studies, and more. Check out the Free Resources page to see them all. But you may find the following particularly helpful this time of year:

How do you plan to be purposeful in your spiritual growth in the New Year?



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