This morning I went to church in a big horse barn. Wait, let me clarify that. This morning I went to church in a big, building that used to be a horse barn.

I just returned from a three day visit with a long-time friend who lives in the Houston area. Her church recently purchased an equestrian center adjacent to their property. They desperately needed the space to accommodate all the people God has brought – and continues to bring – to join this body of believers. The large stables and riding arena filled the most pressing need – a larger worship center.

I’ve been in a fair number of horse stables. In fact, I’ve even mucked a few stalls. Stables smell like hay and tack and… well, let’s just say the horses also contribute to the smell. So when Kelley told me her church had converted the very large stables and riding arena to a worship center I was curious. Could believers worship God and experience His presence in a building that, not long ago, housed hundreds of horses?

In between the parking lot and the building was a courtyard filled with park benches and pots of trailing flower. I wanted to sit a while and enjoy the atmosphere, but the service was starting. The front of the building still had the feel of a stable – a very nice stable I admit, but still a stable. But once I stepped inside I forgot all about the building’s former purpose.

The music was just beginning so we quickly found two seats. The worship leader prayed at the end of the first song. “Lord, thank you for your presence in this place. We are here to worship you.”

We sang this morning about the grace God pours out on His children.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound. Amazing love, now flowing down.
From hands and feet that were nailed to the tree. As grace flows down and covers me.

The blood of Jesus was the price of my redemption. His blood redeemed my life from eternal separation from God. My life, once dead in sin, has been given new life through Christ. Now I live daily in the presence of God.

Not unlike that old horse barn where I worshipped this morning. Once a smelly place in need of serious cleaning Now a place where God dwells.

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