I am working on a new devotional book about spiritual legacy with Tyndale Publishers. The book is tentatively titled “Heirloom: Living and Leaving a Legacy of Faith.” Inspiring stories of past faith will inspire us to live our faith today in ways that will impact our families tomorrow.

I need your faith stories.

Why Spiritual Legacy is Important

Our faith today has been shaped by the stories of great biblical heroes like Abraham, Rahab, Ruth, and Paul. We have been encouraged by other great faith leaders through history like John Newton, Elizabeth Elliot, and Billy Graham. And more personally, our faith has been shaped by our parents, grandparents, and other ancestors who lived for God.

Scripture reveals the great value of knowing our family history, specifically our faith roots. Genealogy lists get lots of ink in the Bible. The well-known Hebrews “Hall of Faith” shows us how knowing the faith story of those who’ve come before us can strengthen and encourage our own faith walk. The Bible also calls us to join the ranks of these heroes of the faith. To pass our faith to our children, and to teach them about God and His ways. (See Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Ephesians 6:4, & 2 Timothy 3:14-15)

The 52 Heirloom devotions will weave stories of faith and family history with Scripture, beautiful artwork, and ancestry research tips and techniques. Each devotional reading will also offer practical spiritual insight to help us live out and leave a legacy of faith for her family.

Will You Help Me?

Do you have a family faith story you could share with me? Perhaps a parent, grandparent, aunt or distant cousin lived out their faith in ways that significantly impacted you. Or, maybe an ancestor who lived and died before you were even born left a legacy of faith that ran through your family to you. You may even have a story from your own life that shows how your faith is impacting your family. “A Legacy Prayer from My Great-Great-Grandmother” is a sample from my own life.

Interested in helping? You don’t have to worry about fully writing the story. I’ll do that so all the devotions in the book will have the same feel, the same voice, and similar length. I just need you to tell me the foundation of your story. You will get to review the written version and give your approval. (Note: If your story is chosen for inclusion in the book you will receive a copy of “Heirloom.” There is no monetary compensation or attribution for the stories. This is not a compilation. I am simply looking for real-life illustrations for the devotions.)

Ready to share? Click through to this form and fill out the details. If your story is chosen for inclusion in the book, I will contact you for more details. Thank you for your willingness to help!

Share Your Story

Who in your life has had the greatest impact on your faith?

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