Have you ever wondered why God did not work in a specific circumstance in a way that seemed quicker, easier, or more logical to you? I certainly have. Of course whenever I’m in a tight spot I always think I have the answer and I don’t hesitate to share my insight with God.

Sometimes God gives us the grace of 20/20 hindsight. Although, in many cases we may not understand why God worked in a particular way, occasionally He shows us after the fact why His way was best afterall.

In a dramatic fashion, one event in Scripture highlights the truths that God knows bests and always has purposes far greater than ours. Exodus 13:17-14:31 records God’s miraculous delivery of Israel from the angry hands of Pharaoh and his army. Let’s touch on a few important highlights that are just as applicable for our lives today as they were in 1500BC:

  • When God led the Israelites out of Egypt, He did not take them the shortest way. His route was longer, but it protected them from the Philistines and helped them obey Him (See Ex 13:17.)
  • Then God led them to the shore of the Red Sea where they were pinned against the water by Pharaoh’s powerful army. This “hopeless” situation provided the perfect opportunity for God to display His power and gain glory for Himself. (See Ex 14:3-4.)
  • In the midst of what seemed like a dire situation, God told the Israelites to stand firm and obediently follow God’s directions. God had positioned them to experience God’s awesome deliverance. (See Ex 14:13-16.)

You know the rest of the story. God parted the sea. His people walked through on dry ground. Pharaoh’s army drowned when God released the sea water over them. Dramatic experience. Incredible God.

Do you feel like your back is against the wall and you’ve no place to go? Stand firm in the place God led you. Watch for His deliverance. Move in obedience down the path He provides. Then like the Israelites your trust in God will be strengthened and you can give Him the glory He deserves!

Have you seen God do the miraculous in the past? Are you currently in a difficult situation with no way out? Express your belief that God can and will deliver again!

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