I have a confession to make. I’m a little nervous about doing this particular Bible study. First, Hebrews is full of deep spiritual truth. I don’t want us to miss anything. I long to glorify God as I guide us into His Word and I want you to benefit! Second, this video thing is a little disconcerting. Talking to my laptop feels strange and when it comes to this techie stuff I’m all thumbs. I’d much prefer we could all sit down in a room together.

But I do believe God has prepared this journey for us. We can learn so much from Him as we study together – even virtually! So, start with the 7-minute video and then read below for a few instructions and to download this week’s lesson.

Intro Lesson PDF

  • Download this week’s lesson as a PDF
  • I’d love to know who is joining us. If you feel comfortable doing it, leave a comment to say hello and tell us what state you’re from!
  • Prayerfully complete your lesson before next Friday
  • Leave comments, ask questions, interact with me and other participants right here in the comment section of this blog post
  • Then come back next Friday!

Titus Bible Study

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