Jesus Christ is God. Scripture makes this truth abundantly clear. In the first chapter of the book of Hebrews, the author writes to make sure his audience grasps the foundational concept that Jesus is divine. Their faith was faltering and they were tempted to walk away from Jesus and return to Judaism. The author knew that stressing the divinity of Christ would help them stand firm. Why was that so?

Think about your own life. Reflect on the stresses, pressures, and temptations you face to compromise your faith. To settle for less than complete obedience to Jesus. God’s word for the Jewish Christians in the first century is also His Word for us today. Why is it important to recognize the deity of Christ?

Let’s talk: How can considering the truth that Jesus is God help you stand firm?

Note: If you have not yet joined in our Bible study through Hebrews, it’s not too late! Also, simply feel free to read the first chapter of Hebrews and join in the discussion.

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