I love writing books that help people study the Bible and encourage them in their faith. There’s just one problem. I can’t get it out into the world without help. It takes a village – or rather, it takes a book launch team. Will you consider applying to be part of the book launch team for my new meaty devotional book “Deep Rooted: Growing through the Book of Romans?”

The deadline to apply is October 4th. The launch team activities kick off on Monday, October 10 and run for just 4 weeks. The time commitment is at most a few minutes a day. Most team activities take less than 5 minutes. And many days we won’t ask you for anything!

5 Reasons to Join the Romans Book Launch Team Today

So, what’s in it for you? Why would you want to commit to being part of an online group for 4 weeks?

  1. To encourage others in their faith – This book guides the reader through the beautiful, spiritually-rich Bible book of Romans and equips them to do solid Bible study along the way. So, when you tell others about this book, you are are sharing a resource that will build their faith.
  2. To have fun – Karen, my incredible book launch team leader, makes this so much fun! She gives challenges, throws out pop-up prizes, and creates opportunities for the team members get to know one another.
  3. Lots of perks and giveaways – Each week, those who’ve completed the weekly launch task will be entered to win a $20 Amazon gift card! And at the end of the 4-week launch period a $50 Amazon card will be drawn from those who completed all four tasks. PLUS, the pop-up prizes! PLUS, a few little thank you gifts from me to the active team members.
  4. A PDF of the book – Each team member will receive a PDF of “Deep Rooted: Growing through the Book of Romans.” We hope that many of the team members will also purchase a copy to keep or share with a friend because not only will your purchases help the book get seen on Amazon, there’s also nothing like having a printed version of the devotional book to write in!
  5. It’s my birthday – Seriously, today is my birthday. Consider applying to the launch team as a gift to me! That means you don’t have to send me flowers or chocolate or coffee – although I’d never turn down any of those things!

What are the Launch Team Expectations?

Yes, it’s fun and you get stuff. BUT, you may be wondering what would be expected of you as a launch team member. What will we ask YOU to do? There are three basic

  1. Join the DEEP ROOTED ROMANS Facebook group – Since this is where all the launch activities will happen, this is required. (You will receive a link to the group after you fill out the application.) I know that not everyone is on Facebook, but we have to do it all somewhere. However, even if you aren’t on Facebook, you can still help promote the book by sharing emails I send out with others, buying the book on Amazon and reviewing it, or just telling someone else! Word of mouth is the best advertising.
  2. Share promotional graphics on social media – Karen will provide everything you need to share, including clear instructions! We’d love for team members to share 1 to 2 times a week (or more!) on Facebook and any other social media platform where you are active. I will be sharing some of my own graphics on Facebook and Instagram. I’d love for you to share those when you can!
  3. Post book reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. – The launch team leader will walk you through this. Reviews are so important for the success of a book.
  4. Purchase the book on Amazon if possible – I know this is a big ask and isn’t realistic for many. But either way, your help with the launch is so valuable!

More about “Deep Rooted: Growing through the Book of Romans”

This book is the third to be released in the Deep Rooted devotional series. Each devotional is formatted around the simple 4 R Bible study method. (The two previous volumes are on Mark and Acts.) These books help readers get in, delight in, and apply God’s Word. Here’s more on the upcoming Romans volume:

Recapture the wonder of the gospel…

Maybe you’ve forgotten the abundant riches of God’s grace. The gospel isn’t just a statement of faith. It is more than hope for eternity. The gospel of Jesus is the power of God for your life today. Recapture the awe of your life in Christ with this 40-day pilgrimage through the book of Romans. In this volume of Deep Rooted you will:

  • Gain a fresh awareness of God’s lavish, saving grace
  • Sit and soak in the deep truths of the gospel
  • Find practical help for living a victorious, Spirit-empowered life
  • Develop a burden for the spiritually lost
  • Cultivate a gospel-soaked faith

Finally! A devotional with meat on its bones!

Reading to Apply to the Romans Book Launch Team? Click the button below!

Have you ever been part of a launch team before? If so, what was your experience like?

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