Ten feet tall and covered with impenetrable armor from head to toe, the fierce foe Monday Minute in the Word, devotionblocked the road ahead. I could not go around him. Turning back was not an option. And I certainly did not have the strength or skill to fight him. My foe screamed a battle cry. I called out to God to help me in my time of distress.

The foe advanced to fight. The battle commenced but I did not have to defend myself. For God had stepped into the gap between me and my foe. My all-powerful God fought the battle for me. I watched in safety and praised God for a victory won.

Facing life’s battles

soldier ready to fight me

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I have faced trials in which I felt like I was battling an entire squad of these fierce foes – just me against highly trained, battle-ready soldiers. Out-numbered and out-powered with no chance of coming out alive.

King Jehoshaphat felt the same way when three massive armies allied themselves against Judah and gathered to march on Jerusalem. (See 2 Chronicles 20 for this amazing story of faith.) But Jehoshaphat did not panic and he did not attempt to fight the battle himself. Instead, he brought the problem to God, followed Him in obedience, and praised God while He delivered the victory.

7 steps of faith to win the battle

Are you facing an overwhelming battle today? Is there a trial or struggle or tough decision in the road ahead? Here is a quick summary of Jehoshaphat’s steps of faith in 2 Chronicles 20 we can apply to our own battles:

  1. Immediately turned to God for guidance and called on the community of faith to fast pray (2 Chron 20:3-4)
  2. Recounted God’s past might works and reflected on His character (2 Chron 20:6-9)
  3. Laid the problem before God and asked for His divine intervention (2 Chron 20:10-12)
  4. Heard God’s answer and responded with worship (2 Chron 20:13-19)
  5. Obeyed God’s direction (2 Chron 20:20)
  6. Praised God while they waited for His deliverance (2 Chron 20:21)
  7. Watched God win the battle, then gathered the spoils (2 Chron 20:22-26)

This story is full of wonderful truths for Christians as we face the inevitable trials of life. God will fight the battles that come our way if we give them to Him.

What battle are you facing today? Which of the faith steps above do you have the most trouble taking? Why?

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