One of the blessings of a speaking and writing ministry is that God allows me to meet "Let Justice Roll" by Virginia Kreimeyermany godly women who have been called to the same kind of service. And I love the opportunity to share them with you from time to time!

I met Virginia Kreimeyer just about a year ago when I spoke at the Annual Women’s Conference at Highlands Lake Camp near Austin, Texas. She was on the leadership team for the conference. But what I didn’t know until recently is that Virginia is also an author. She has just released her second Christian novel.

Here’s a brief summary of “Let Justice Roll”:

Based on a real event, “Let Justice Roll” tells the story of Thomas Whitehall, a young policeman injured during a SWAT competition, and his wife Savannah who struggles to find justice in the midst of tragedy. The accident leaves Thomas in a coma with debilitating injuries.

Meanwhile, his wealthy parents seek revenge against whoever is responsible and sue Savannah for divorce on their son’s behalf. Savannah, is left to fend for herself against one disaster after another while clandestine forces bear down on her from every angle. Who is at the center of it all? Is there no justice for her?

Virginia makes use of her own life experience in her newest novel. The story is set in Jackson, Mississippi where she grew up. The characters are composites of people she has known throughout her life. Since Virginia has a background in public relations, she gave the lead gave Savannah the job of Director of Communications at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Virginia hopes her readers will not only enjoy the book, but that their faith will also be encouraged by the solid biblical truth woven through the story. “The story reflects how we as Christians respond to life when we know that God is in control of everything—even when life is very difficult.” 

“Let Justice Roll” is available at Amazon in print and ebook.

Lets talk: How does the truth that God is in control affect how you respond to the difficulties and trials of life?

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