We’ve had an incredible start to our online Bible study through the book of Hebrews. Since the comments page for the introductory lesson was so wonderfully full with greetings, I think we need to start our discussion on a new “page.”

Note: If you have not started on this study journey with us, I would love you to come along! Get started with the intro lesson here.

So, let’s talk. Let’s get some discussion going on our intro lesson. As you read in the lesson, the original readers of Hebrews were feeling pressured by the culture around them to compromise or even leave their faith. Our culture today constantly pushes us to do the same.

Something God has been showing me lately is in the area of finances. I’m tempted to hang on to too much and give away too little. I worry about the economy, the future, and our retirement. But I could meet more needs than I do if I trusted God more.

Another area in which God has convicted me in the past and continues to warn me to be careful is what I watch on TV and movies and what I read. God’s Word tells us to “fix our minds on Christ” and think about things that are pure, noble, true, right and lovely. The world around us is full of temptations labeled as “entertainment” that works to draw my mind away from Christ and the things of Him.

What about you? Where are you vulnerable? How do you stand firm?

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