Family violence, bullying, gossip, and teen pregnancy doesn’t just happen “out in the world.” Author Lynn Dove knows that Christian families deal with these painful situations too. In fact, the characters in her latest novel for young adults, Love the Wounded, face these issues and more.

Wounded Trilogy, Lynn DoveLove the Wounded

Love the Wounded is the final book in Lynn’s “Wounded Trilogy” for youth and young adults. The gripping story lines accurately portray the world young Christians must deal with today. These books would make a great gift for the young readers in your life.

Lynn and I became friends through church when my family and I lived in Canada. Our sons are the same age and were good friends! I asked Lynn to join us today to share a bit more about her 3-book series.

Wounded Trilogy

Lynn, would you tell us more about your “Wounded Trilogy”?

Shoot the Wounded, the first book of the Wounded Trilogy, addresses how lies and gossip destroy a person’s spirit and speaks to the heart of relevant themes such as bullying, teen pregnancy and family violence. The story points the characters, and ultimately the reader, to hope in Jesus Christ. STW was a finalist in the 2010 Readers Favorite Book Awards.

Heal the Wounded, the sequel to STW, is the second book of the Wounded Trilogy. HTW delves even deeper into the real world of teenagers trying to live out their faith in the midst of upset and struggle. Heal the Wounded, continues to follow the characters, Jake, Leigh, Mike (Jake’s best friend), and Tim (Ronnie’s brother) each of them dealing with the aftermath of their friend’s death in the first book. Jake is especially dealing with a variety of disappointments that cause him to question why God allows bad things to happen to good people. Cassidy, a young cancer patient with unquenchable spirit and faith, impacts Jake, Leigh, Mike and Tim in a way that allows them all to experience God’s grace and the power of His healing in each one of their lives.

Love the Wounded is the final and dramatic conclusion to the Wounded Trilogy. Released May 30, 2012, the book has already received a five star review from Readers Favorite.

Do you tend to base your characters on real people?

I have three children and because two of them are teenagers and I write novels for teenagers, I have been very purposeful not basing my characters on any one of them. It would mortify them! Instead I try to draw on my experience with working with teenagers in general as a high school teacher and as a youth leader, so I kind of create characters that have a smattering of many individuals I know personally all rolled up into one cohesive characterization. My kids still say that they see themselves in the characters. I suppose that’s to be expected, but I pray that when they recognize themselves they see the character as positively portrayed and not the otherwise.

Enter to Win

Lynn, how can readers join you in celebrating the release of Love the Wounded?

Lynn Dove, Love the WoundedAnyone who purchases Shoot the Wounded, Heal the Wounded and/or Love the Wounded on or (or on the website) by June 27th will receive several FREE e-gifts as well as being entered to win other great print books !! Click on my “landing page” to get more information and enter to win all the prizes!

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