avocadosAs I pushed my cart through the produce section, the avocados caught my eye. I had only picked up a couple to inspect when it started. One, then two of the lovely green fruit began to roll from the top of the high pile. (Yes, an avocado is technically a fruit. I checked!)

By the time three of them had hit the floor, I knew I must take drastic action to prevent disaster. With arms open wide, I blocked the shifting pile with the top half of my body. With one arm and my torso keeping the avocados from falling, I repositioned key pieces with my free hand until the moving stopped.

Hoping the other shoppers hadn’t seen me laying on top of the avocados, I casually moved on to the lettuce. It wasn’t long though until I heard laughing and turned to see that a young woman had just had a similar encounter with the pesky green fruit. Undoubtedly the person who stocked the avocados had gotten a little carried away. He or she had put way too many avocados on the pile. The fallout was inevitable!

Sometimes our lives are like that pile of avocados. We keep adding items to our lives and calendars until we have to stand on tip toe to put another thing on top. Jobs, activities, sports, lessons, ministry work, friends, family, leisure.

We can’t possibly give enough attention to the really important things of life because we are constantly chasing after the urgent things rolling off the pile. If we aren’t careful, the entire pile will shift, roll, and collapse leaving us standing in a gooey pile of guacamole.

I’m not saying that any one “avocado” is bad. But trying to juggle too many avocados will derail the abundant life Christ wants to give us. Martha, the New Testament hostess, is a well-known example.

When Jesus visited Martha and Mary, Martha hurried around with meal prep and household chores while Mary sat at Jesus’ feet and listened to His teaching. Martha was flustered and upset.

But the Lord said to her, “My dear Martha, you are so upset over all these details! There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it.”

Luke 10:41-42a, NLT

Jesus’ loving rebuke was designed to help Martha escape the tyranny of the urgent and discover the life of peace and joy Jesus offers.

Is your pile too big? Are you missing out on some of what Jesus wants to give you because the urgent has replaced the important? I sometimes find myself with a dangerously high pile!

Here’s a few suggestions to help us take control of the pile:

  1. Keep a time log for a week to discover just where all your time goes.
  2. Ask God to show you what can stay and what needs to go.
  3. Limit your children’s activities. All of you need breathing room!

Have you been held captive to the tyranny of the urgent? What avocados are rolling off your pile? Are you willing to make some changes?

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