One of my favorite Christmas songs is “Mary Did You Know.” The song poses questions to Jesus’ mother Mary, who was probably in her early teen years when she became pregnant with the Savior. (Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:18-21). If you aren’t familiar with the song, here’s Reba McEntire’s version:

Young Mary, impregnated by the power of the Holy Spirit, carried the long-awaited Messiah. For centuries, the Jews waited and watched for the One God would send for their ultimate salvation. They studied the Old Testament prophecies that foretold details of the Messiah. And God fulfilled them all through the womb of an obedient teenage girl.

Have you ever wondered just how much young Mary understood about God’s unusual plan of salvation? Scripture doesn’t tell us everything she was thinking and feeling. However, we do know that she submitted herself to God’s plan (Luke 1:38) and then carefully watched and contemplated what God did (Luke 2:19).

Here’s the thing: Mary didn’t have to know everything. God knew the plan and had the power to carry it out. Mary may not have understood that Jesus came to save, but God knew (Is 53:4-12; Rom 3:23-26). Mary may not have grasped that this baby was the “Great I Am,” but she knew He came from God.

Just imagine what she must have thought the first time Jesus gave sight to a blind man or caused a lame man to walk again (Is 35:5-6; Matt 11:2-6). Did she rejoice? Or did she worry about what lay ahead?

I imagine that every day would have been filled with grief if she had known from the beginning that her precious Son would be ridiculed, beaten, crucified, and killed. In fact, she may have done everything in her power to have prevented it. But the Father knew. In fact, the Father willed it. For you. For me.

Before the creation of the world, the Father planned for His Son to be born to a young Jewish virgin. He planned for Him to suffer and die for the sins of many. It was no surprise. Every detail of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection fulfilled the centuries-old prophecies.

If you’re interested, here’s a list of prophecies Jesus’ birth, life, and death fulfilled. No surprises for God; all in His plan.

Are you dealing with something you don’t understand? God knows it all. Are you willing to trust Him with the outcome?

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