Something about a mission trip always seems to change my perspective on life, God’s activity in the world, and my relationship with Him. I just returned from ten days in Kishinev, Moldova with a group of twenty from my church. Over the next few posts, I’d like to share some “God moments” from this trip with you.

You may be wondering “where in the world is Moldova?” Moldova, a former Soviet block country, is squeezed in between Romania and Ukraine in Eastern Europe. Most Moldovans in the rural areas speak Romanian and most in the urban areas speak Russian. Of course, I don’t speak either one.

Our team went to work with a local church in Kishinev with which we’ve had an ongoing relationship for many years. Our goal was to help them in their ministry and open doors for them in their community. We made home visits to distribute food and share the Gospel and conducted a VBS, American Club, and sports camp.

God’s help and intervention began before we even reached our destination. One of our big tasks was to get all the supplies for all the activities to Kishinev. We purchased almost everything here to take with us. Each of the team members was limited to one personal bag so we could take extra bags for the supplies.

Of course with the new airline regulations we were limited to one free bag each. We took fifteen extra bags for supplies and each of us pitched in to cover the $50 per bag fee charged by American Airlines which we paid when we checked in here in Midland.

American does not fly all the way to Moldova, so in Frankfurt, Germany we had to pick up our bags and check in with Air Moldova. In previous years Air Moldova had not charged for extra bags. This year was different. However, they don’t charge by the bag, but by the kilogram. The extra charges were going to be around $3,000 US! That would take all the money we had set aside to buy some needed items for a local orphanage we planned to visit.

One of our group leaders asked to speak to a manager and the rest of us began to pray. The manager was not in yet. We had to wait six hours. But that gave us a lot more time for intercession.

Two hours before our flight, we finally had our answer. Air Moldova agreed to make a special deal with us. They charged us $150 US for all the bags! God revealed Himself to us even before we stepped foot on Moldovan soil. We could hardly wait to see what He would do during the rest of the trip.

Stayed tuned for Part Two of Moldova Moments

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