It’s been three days since the tragic bombing in Boston. Three are dead and more than 150 injured. Every available resource is working to find the answers to questions like these:

  • Who committed this horrible act of violence?
  • Why did they do it?
  • How did they pull it off?
  • Is more terrorism planned?

praying, Why does God allow,In time, these questions can be answered. But other questions are much harder to answer.

Where was God when the bombs exploded?

Why didn’t He stop this terrible tragedy?

Where was God?

The best Bible scholars wrestle with these kinds of questions. But the Bible clearly teaches many truths about God we can stand on in times like these. For instance, God has the power and authority to act. He is involved in His creation. He knows and cares about every aspect of our lives. I know these things are true and accept them even when I still have questions.

Where was God?

He was there. Amidst the chaos, God’s presence and activity could still be seen. For instance, have you heard about Dr. Allan Panter? Dr. Panter is an ER doctor from Georgia who stood just ten yards away from the first blast while waiting for his wife to cross the finish line. In a news interview, I heard him say that everyone to his left went down when the bomb exploded. (For more on this story)

Dr. Panter, the closest uninjured person to the victims had the trauma training they needed. With the help of others, Dr. Panter immediately began applying tourniquets, including a man who lost the lower portion of both legs. The doctor’s proximity and background helped save multiple lives. This was not a coincidence. This was God’s intervention.

Why does God allow evil?

A while back, I wrote a serious of blogs about why God allows difficulties in the lives of believers and how He uses them. These biblical truths also apply to the question of why God allows evil. Here’s a quick summary and link to each post.

  • The Bible clearly teaches that God’s faithful children will experience trials and difficulties. Why, Oh Why Introduction
  • God promises and is able to bring good out of difficulty in the lives of those who love Him.   Why, Oh Why Part 2
  • God can and will use our pain and trials for His greater purpose. Why, Oh Why 3
  • God uses the pain, grief, and difficulty He allows into our life to purify and strengthen our faith.  Why, Oh Why 4
  • Even when we can’t see the reason for our sufferings we can still stand on the character, power, and love of God and place our trust in Him. Why, Oh Why final

In the Meantime

One day evil will be completely defeated. There will be no more grief or pain or tears. What do we do in the meantime? When evil appears have the upper hand? We stand firm on the God who has all the answers. We trust in His goodness and grace. We cling to His loving presence.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

How has God revealed Himself to you as your source of strength and help in times of trouble?


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