Mug Monday: Is Your Cup Overflowing?

Mug Monday

This blog is the first in a series. Join me every Monday through the summer for Mug Monday! Each post will feature a mug (some mine, some yours, & some borrowed) and will seek to make some sense out of the wisdom or humor it displays. Pull up a chair and join me in a cup of coffee!

I love coffee mugs.

Wait, let me clarify… I love coffee. That makes mugs a necessity. So, I’m always on the lookout for my next favorite coffee container. However, they must meet certain standards:

  • Size – It can’t be too small or too big, but just the right size to hold what I consider to be one serving of coffee.
  • Weight – It has to be thick enough so the coffee doesn’t cool off too quickly, but not heavy enough to be cumbersome.
  • Handle – The handle has to be large enough for at least 3 fingers.
  • Appearance – It has to appeal to me with either beauty, wit, or relevance.

As you can see, I’ve put a lot of thought into this. So, it won’t surprise you that I’ve created a summer blog series around coffee mugs. But it’s the mug in the photo below that really got things flowing.

Is Your Cup Overflowing?

BusyWhen I spotted this mug in a local store, the writing on the side made me stop and pick it up. Who knew there could be such wisdom on the side of a coffee mug! It hits women where we live doesn’t it? In America today, we truly can do just about anything we want to do. Unfortunately, we can do anything we want to do and we haven’t learned how to say “no.”

Is your life constantly busy? Sometimes it seems there is no end to our responsibilities and commitments. Between work, caring for our families, and taking care of ourselves, most of the time we women don’t even have a minute to just be still. Add to that all the extra stuff we “choose” to do and life becomes a whirlwind. Does that describe you?

Jesus came that we might have life and have it to the “full” (John 10:10). Sister, God desires that you have a full, abundant life, not a crazy, busy, “run til you drop” life.

But that means we must set priorities and reorder our lives to match. We really don’t have to do everything – and neither do our children! That kind of life is just conforming to the culture around us.

God created our body with limits – physically and emotionally. It’s okay to say “no” to some things – even good things – so you can say “yes” to God’s best!

Give it a whirl! What can you say “no” to today?

Does your life feel a bit out of control? Do you have trouble saying “no?” What is one wise choice you can make today?

For more help on choosing “full” over “busy” see “Slaughtering the Sacred Cow of Busyness”

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