My earliest Christmas memory is from the mid 1960’s. I was only three or four. My parents and I went next door to visit the neighbors during Christmas week. We admired their Christmas tree and my dad picked me up to get a good look. A beautiful red bird caught my attention and I reached out for it. Neighbor Lady took it off her tree and let me hold it. I was in love with a Christmas ornament.

The very next day, Neighbor Lady knocked on our front door. She had bought another red bird just like hers and now she held it out to me! Little girl wonder and Christmas joy all wrapped up in one small bird.

Red bird

Mom helped me hang it on our small tree. And that red bird has been front and center on my tree every year since. When Wayne and I got married, I brought the bird to our home and placed it on our first tree together. Wings have fallen off and been glued back on, but now, 50 years later, it still claims a place of honor.

My red bird reminds me of Christmases past, family, and dear friends. And I know this may sound strange, but it’s also reminds me of a comforting “constant.” No matter what life may hold at Christmas, the red bird will be on the tree and Jesus will be on His throne.

I don’t know what life holds for you this Christmas, but no matter your circumstances, Jesus is still on His throne. Grief, loss, and pain does not diminish that glorious truth. Keep your eyes on Him.

May the Light of Christ shine in your hearts this Christmas.


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