Right now I’m sitting at my kitchen counter in front of my laptop while the movers pack all our earthly belongings. (Let me just say, I admire all you hardy folks who do all the packing, loading, and moving on your own. But since this is a corporate transfer for my husband, I will take advantage of all the benefits. It’s hard enough this way, I can’t imagine doing it all ourselves!)

Last night, our church family had a little send-off party for us complete with cake and kind words. And yes, there were some tears – mine and a few others too. The five years here in Midland were filled with ministry, friendship, and fellowship. Leaving is not easy. Goodbyes are hard. But there is email, Facebook, Skype, and airplanes. We can stay in touch!

Wayne has worked for Conoco-Phillips for more than thirty years. This will be our seventh location. Looking back we see God’s hand in all those moves. In every new place He has had work for us to do, friends to meet, and a purpose in being there. So we trust He does this time too.

I have been a little stressed about the work of moving, the goodbyes, and the new beginnings. But then God reminded me of a few of His people in the Bible He moved and how much tougher it was for them:

  • Abraham – he didn’t even know where he was going.
  • Joseph – he had to be sold into slavery to get where God wanted him.
  • Naomi – she moved to a foreign land only to lose everything dear.

And we can’t forget Jesus. He left heaven and moved to earth to provide salvation for all mankind. I guess I can move to Houston.

I would love to hear about a time God moved you. Did you discover His purpose? What work did He have for you there?


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