angels.shepherdsPeace. We throw that word around a lot this time of year. But how much peace do we truly experience in the midst of cooking, shopping, traveling, and entertaining?

I admit I haven’t felt at peace. In fact, it seems my life has been overly chaotic and busy recently. The last three weeks have been filled with Thanksgiving cooking and guests, helping my son train a new puppy, and preparation for an elaborate annual ladies Christmas event.

The theme for this event was “All I really want for Christmas…” The answer as displayed on the printed materials and the decorations? “Hope, Joy, and Peace.” How ironic. The day of the event was especially “unpeaceful.” In addition to the many last-minute tasks that had to be completed we were doubtful our speaker’s plane would be able to make it in because of the 60 mile an hour winds blowing across our city that day.

I spent two hours preparing something to say just in case. However, God was good. Our speaker was late and frazzled but she made it. Her message – experiencing the hope, joy, and peace God wants us to have. I think God is trying to tell me something.

Yes, I am convicted about this whole “peace on earth” thing. I will slow down and focus on why we celebrate this season. I will cut out the distractions of performing tasks that no one will remember by the new year. I am determined to accept the peace of Christ that the angels announced to the shepherds. And I will… right after the party at my house tonight.

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