My friend Mark is an excellent cook. I’ve asked him to share recipes with me, but he doesn’t have any! He just whips up wonderful dishes without them. I can’t cook that way. I need step by step instructions to cook something that’s edible.

The author of Hebrews has beautifully articulated why his audience should persevere in the faith and not turn back. He challenged them to stand firm in the face of persecution, to cling to their High Priest Jesus Christ, and not turn away from the superior Covenant. But what should this look like in their daily life? Here in chapter 13, the author gives his audience some practical direction for living out their faith.

Hebrews Lesson Chapter 13 (PDF)
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I’ve been blessed by studying the book of Hebrews with you! I pray that God has taught you more about Himself and the nature of your great salvation. Thanks for joining me.


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