Like many of you, I’ve been praying for Haiti and and its people. The devastating results of the earthquake that rocked the small island nation on Tuesday continue to pile up. Thousands dead. Still thousands more trapped and dying. Tens of thousands homeless and wounded.

How do we even begin to pray? I started with some of the obvious physical needs:

  • Rescue for those that are trapped
  • Medical care for those who are hurt
  • Basic necessities for those who are homeless and hungry
  • Protection from violence
  • Access and supplies for aid workers

Then God led me to also pray for the spiritual:

  • That Jesus’ name would be boldly declared in the streets
  • That hearts would be open to God and His healing
  • That missionaries would have the freedom and opportunity to share Christ with the people of Haiti
  • That the Holy Spirit would be poured out
  • That the hopeless would turn to the one true Hope

Today I came across a blog by the Prayer Director from the Southern Baptist International Mission Board. He suggests many concrete ways to pray for Haiti. Check it out here.

I’m still praying. I’m still listening for God’s leading in my prayers. How are you praying?

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