The first tears formed as soon as I started down the aisle holding onto my son’s arm. When the bridal party began their procession and the groom came out to stand up front, the tears were rolling down my cheeks. When my husband and the bride appeared at the back of the Wedding Weekend 211chapel it took everything I had not to blubber.

I guess tears are just a mom thing. The wedding marked the joyful beginning of Kelley and Jeremy’s new life together, but in way, it also brought an end. My relationship with my daughter will no longer be the same. She is now a wife with a home of her own. She and Jeremy will build their own family. Their own holiday traditions. My daughter is grown and married. My job of raising Kelley is complete.

But enough of that! This wedding was truly a celebration and every guest there could feel it. The entire ceremony pointed to God, what He has done in Kelley and Jeremy’s lives and what He has done for all His children. In addition to a few tears, there was laughter, worship, and even dancing. It was glorious from beginning to end.

Two and a half-year-old Jaxson was the ring bearer. His parents coached him to walk slowly down the aisle and he took their words to heart. It took him a minute and a half to get from the back of the chapel to the front. (Here’s the video on You Tube if you want to watch: ) The pianist even picked up the pace of the music to try to speed him along. But the guests laughed and clapped and Jaxson stole their hearts.

Pastor Bo eloquently shared how God uses a marriage between a man and a woman to illustrate Jesus’ relationship with His church. The wife should submit to her husband’s leadership like the church submits to Christ. The husband is to love his wife and give himself up for her just like Christ did for His church. (Ephesians 5:22-33 if you’re interested.)

Because Christ is to be at the center of their marriage, Kelley and Jeremy chose to partake of the Lord’s Supper (communion) as their first act together as husband and wife. A goblet and small loaf of bread were on the table with the unity candle. When Jeremy pulled off a chunk of the bread he accidently dropped the rest of the loaf on the floor. It began to roll across the stage so he tried to kick it under the table.

Those close enough to see what happened giggled, but everyone recognized the seriousness of the moment. The covenant Jeremy and Kelley entered into together represents the covenant of grace Jesus has provided for us by His blood. Christ’s death was the sacrifice needed to seal the new and lasting covenant between God and His people. Jesus Christ is the mediator of that new covenant and those who are called into it will “receive the promised eternal inheritance (Hebrews 9:15).”

Remembering God’s covenant with us added to the joy of the wedding celebration. Has there been a moment in your life when you entered into that eternal covenant with God? If not, why not today? There is no greater reason to celebrate.

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