This morning my Bible reading was 1 Samuel 20 about the friendship of David and Jonathan. As I read about their commitment to each other God reminded me of friendships past and present.

God has blessed me with many deep wonderful friendships in my life. Name after name popped into my mind and I began to write in my prayer journal. The first name I wrote was “Cindy.” My first best friend, we knew each other from the time we were babies. We went to school together all the way through college and were in each other’s weddings.

I wrote names from high school, college, and each of the places Wayne and I have lived. In every season of my life and in every place God has moved us, He has blessed me with at least one – and usually more than one – precious friendship. God used each of these women to support, encourage, and challenge me in life, in family, and in my faith. We’ve played together, prayed together, and cried together.

This morning I prayed over my list and lifted each name to God. One childhood friend is already with Jesus. The rest are scattered all over the United States and Canada. Some I’ve done a better job of staying in contact with than others.

Today, I’m overwhelmed with the goodness of God and how much He has blessed me by filling my life with so many incredible friends. Do you have a friend you need to pray for today? Do you have a friend you need to call today?

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