Share Your Faith Story of Spiritual Legacy

I need your faith story for my new devotional book with Tyndale Publishers. “Heirloom: Living and Leaving a Legacy of Faith” will tell inspiring stories of faith from the past to inspire us to live out our faith today in ways that will impact our families tomorrow.

Do you have a family faith story you could share with me? Perhaps a parent, grandparent, aunt or distant cousin lived out their faith in ways that significantly impacted you. Or, maybe an ancestor who lived and died before you were even born left a legacy of faith that ran through your family to you.

Ready to share your faith story?

Fill out the form below. If your story is chosen for inclusion in the book, I will contact you for more details. Thank you for your willingness to help!

Faith Stories for "Heirloom"

Share your stories of family faith and spiritual legacy for possible inclusion in Kathy's upcoming book "Heirloom: Living and Leaving a Legacy of Faith."
  • Tell me their faith story as succinctly as possible. Just give me the highlights. A list would even be fine.
  • Tell me briefly how their story has personally impacted your own faith.

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