There’s a lot of buzz on both sides of the border about my Canadian friend Lynn Dove’s new book “Shoot the Wounded.” Read the quick overview and then keep going to hear more from Lynn herself.

SHOOT THE WOUNDED is a contemporary Christian novel that deals with relevant social shoot the woundedissues such as teen pregnancy and family violence. Set in the small fictional town of Maplewood, in southern Alberta, best friends Leigh and Ronnie find their friendship and faith challenged when Jake, a good looking Christian boy, moves into their neighborhood. Leigh is especially delighted that Jake is paying more attention to her than any other girl at school or church, but what she does not know is that despite his bold declaration of being a follower of Christ, he’s carrying a dark secret from his past that has the potential to destroy his integrity and have his friends question the legitimacy of his faith.

1.  Shoot the Wounded is an interesting title for your book, why did you choose it?

Many years ago I remember reading a very poignant article in a magazine about a Christian artist who was going through an extremely painful time in her life.  All the details of her struggle were in the public eye and she was quoted as saying she felt like people were gossiping and telling lies about her life.  She said she felt like they were “shooting the wounded”.  That phrase stuck in my head.

2.  Why did you target youth with this book?

The youth today are under such a spiritual attack from the enemy.  He wants to destroy their spirit but he does it subtly by surrounding them with worldly messages that make them question their looks, their intelligence, as well as their hope for tomorrow.  From some of the books they read to the music they listen to, dark messages and occult themes abound.  I wanted to write a book that dealt with relevant themes, things that all youth know about and deal with such as teen pregnancy and family violence, but with a definitive Christian message running throughout: the hope in Jesus Christ.

3.  You have a common thread running through this book, how lies and gossip destroy a person’s spirit.   Why did you choose to focus attention on that?

People make mistakes; Christians are not excluded from that.  Scripture teaches us to “love one another” even when they make mistakes, however our actions speak louder than our words at times.  Gossip and innuendo has taken on a new form of bullying especially among our youth.  Their words cut like knives.  I have seen wonderful young people crumble from the constant barrage of cyberspace bullying, not to mention those whispered comments in school hallways or church foyers.  I have seen friendships ruined as a result of gossip.  I chose two verses that speak to it that are found on the first pages of the book:   “Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.”  Proverbs 12:18 and “The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.”  Proverbs 14:4

4.  Do you have plans to write a sequel or sequels to “Shoot the Wounded?”

I am currently writing the sequel,  Heal the Wounded, that I hope will be released by the end of 2010, and the last of the trilogy will be Love the Wounded that I hope to have out by 2011.

I am also currently working on an autobiographical novel entitled Life Lived about my own personal journey with breast cancer.  I am looking forward to having that novel released within the next two years.

5. Where can we find out more about the book and purchase it?

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“Shoot the Wounded” website

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