Can you define your worldview? The term “worldview” refers to your comprehensive sunglassesconception of the world derived from a specific point of view. Your worldview not only defines the way you see the world, it also greatly determines how you will operate in it on a daily basis.

While reading the second chapter of Genesis the other day I was impacted by how much there is in just those 25 verses of Scripture that should affect the way I see the world. Here are a few things God called to my attention:
– God created work as something good.
– Humanity and the physical world was created by God and for God.
– God gave mankind stewardship over the earth.
– God made man and woman in His image, but not animals.
– God established marriage and made it fundamental to society.

So how should these biblical truths shape the way I see the world and operate in it? Let’s take work as an example. Since work is part of God’s original purpose for humanity (vs. 15) it should be an integral and energizing part of our life. Do we avoid it or do we find enjoyment and fulfillment in the work God gives us? Do we complete our tasks with excellence or do just enough to get by? Do we work to provide for ourselves and our families or do we expect someone else to provide for us?

A Christian’s worldview should be shaped by God’s truth. Unfortunately we are bombarded daily by other worldviews shaped by false assumptions and misguided theories. The sad part is we often don’t even realize what’s happening.

God’s Word contains all the truth we need to shape a worldview in line with His. Have you committed to read and study the Bible in 2010? What have you found that should be shaping our view of the world? What do you see in our culture that has the potential to warp our worldview?

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